Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dodge Dakota vs Toyota Tundra

Drivers with frequent child-duty might favor the Tundra over the Dodge. There's no clear winner between the Dodge Dakota and the Toyota Tundra regarding transporting cargo. There's little the Dodge Dakota can tow that the Toyota cannot.

The Dodge Dakota is likely to feel a tad slow because of its high horsepower-to-weight ratio compared to the Toyota Tundra. As far as horsepower, the Toyota packs quite a punch and will knock the Dakota down a few rungs. However, note that high horsepower engines often command higher insurance premiums.

The Toyota Tundra is markedly more ponderous than the Dodge. Your wallet will hurt more every time you fill up the Toyota Tundra than the Dakota because of its larger tank. The Toyota Tundra rides lower than the Dodge, which is a good thing for its center of gravity and ease of access. The Toyota Tundra and the Dodge Dakota compete for the same parking spaces.

The Dodge Dakota's fuel tank will need to be replenished a bit more often than the unit in the Toyota.

In terms of gas mileage, the Dodge Dakota and the Toyota Tundra don't differ much. The Toyota Tundra will tax your gas budget markedly more than the Dodge will. The Toyota Tundra isn't much more expensive than the Dodge when it comes to MSRP. The Toyota Tundra is significantly more expensive than the Dodge Dakota as far as out-the-door price.

The Dakota and the Toyota have roughly similar tires. With their comparable turning circles, the Dodge Dakota and the Tundra very likely handle roughly the same into and out of tight spots.

The Toyota Tundra's engine is considerably more sizeable than the Dakota's. Remember that more massive engines may use more gasoline than smaller ones. The Tundra packs quite a punch compared to the Dodge Dakota with respect to torque, which is the force that lets you accelerate quickly. Torque is roughly equivalent to acceleration, and in this respect, the Tundra is significantly more powerful than the Dodge Dakota.

While the front cabin in the Toyota Tundra offers a bit more head room than the Dodge Dakota, there frankly isn't much of a difference. While the rear of the Dodge Dakota provides a bit more head- and leg-room than the Toyota Tundra, there honestly isn't much of a difference.

The Toyota and the Dodge Dakota have the same basic warranty.
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